CANDY: Manual und download

Here are download links for an experimental (private) use of the software. The use is only permitted with the consent of the author and is at your own risk. The author refuses all liability for any malfunctions that may occur and their possible consequences.

Starting with this version, CANDY's data storage requires the installation of a PostgreSQL server - which can also run on the local system without a network connection.

... more information about Postgres can be found under this link

and here is some help with Postgres installation

This manual describes how to work with the current user interface

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This second manual describes the complete database structure

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This document describes model algorithms

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There are two apps within the CANDY software pack: cdy_prepare that arranges the basis for the cdy22_gui - the graphic user interface for the CANDY model. Both apps are updated from time to time to further improve them.

the latest version for download are on top, go to the bottom of this page to find the previous version

Several improvements for the CANDY model are available with versions 22.6 which will soon be available for practical tests. Similar as in the C-N-P model, Crop residues can now be split into above- and below-ground parts. This required a change in data structure: the table cdypflan is replaced by cdycrops.
If the new model opens a database with the old structure there will be an option to adapt the database. This may require some additional input of dry matter content for the main product.

Development steps

date comment
07.10.2022 first test version uploaded
09.10.2022 improved test version
16.10.2022 improved sqlite interface
17.10.2022 bugfix multiplot sim
27.10.2022 sql script from GIT enabled
08.12.2022 bugfix water balance error & stc start enabled
21.01.2023 several bugfixes and functional improvements
13.02.2023 version 22.7 with permant grassland
14.03.2023 bugfix and improved git interface
27.03.2023 periodic simulations re-introduced and better performance in auto-mode
13.04.2023 22.7.5: status initialisation enabled; bugfix automat
19.05.2023 22.7.6: settings for indiviual databases; also included in sqlite-im&export
01.06.2023 22.7.7: bugfix for individual master password on postgres
05.06.2023 22.7.8: app accepts local date format
11.06.2023 22.7.9: first approach of soil structure dynamics implemented (dynsp=1)
30.06.2023 22.7.10: autoharvest for permanent grassland, nitrification bugfix
16.07.2023 22.7.11: improvements for coarse soils , updated demo database in cdy_prepare
30.07.2023 22.7.12: bugfix on Nleach in 22.7.11 and improved NGFV calculation, bugfix for permanent grassland parameters in demo database of cdy_prepare
04.08.2023 22.7.14: bugfixes after extended testing, surface runoff and surface evaporation as additional results available
10.09.2023 22.7.15: bugfix residue calculation (also in prepare 22.6.9 and adaptation from cdypflan to cdycrops); dyn. pocket vol. enabled; autofert for permanent grassland
19.09.2023 22.7.16: improved autofert option (PGLOM) for permanent grassland ; soc_seq in results; bugfix initial som from observation
12.10.2023 22.7.17: bugfixes in grassland modul, weather generator and initial SOC from observation
11.11.2023 22.7.18: improved agro1 crop module, optimizer handling,sqlite-transfer; several bugfixes

most recent version:

CANDY software pack for MAC-OS ( 22.7.17 as ZIP download

(last update:11.11.2023 09:59:28, filesize: 33022595 Byte )

CANDY software pack for W64 ( 22.7.17) as ZIP download

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former download links:

CANDY software pack for MAC-OS ( 22.6.101) as ZIP download

(last update:21.01.2023 10:25:07, filesize: 32625511 Byte )

CANDY software pack for W64 ( as ZIP download

(last update:21.01.2023 10:24:27, filesize: 28877004 Byte )

Here is version lower than 22.6

Modifications to cdy_prepare

date comment
20.04.2021 several improvements and bugfixes
27.04.2022 new search button for pg driver

Modifications to cdy22_gui

date comment
20.04.2021 several improvements and bugfixes
27.04.2022 time recording included when run in batch mode (BG_RUN)
29.04.2022 BG_RUN window closes on finishing
07.09.2022 severe error fixed in water sub model; update is strongly recommended

download links:

CANDY software pack für MAC-OS is available on request; but usage of beta version (22.6) is recommended

CANDY software pack for Windows (64bit) as ZIP download

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CANDY software pack for Windows (32bit) as ZIP download

(last update:14.09.2022 09:30:08, filesize: 27086379 Byte )

After downloading, extract cdy_prepare and cdy22_GUI from the zip file into a directory with write permissions. Before using the model itself, you must first start cdy_prepare, which sets up a database on the Postgres server, creates an user account and writes an ini-file.

Here is a video tutorial about data import from sqlite